Grover Cleveland Birthplace – Caldwell, NJ

The Advocates for New Jersey History was founded in the early 1990’s as a Friends organization for the New Jersey Historical Commission. Within a few years the members realized that one of the major accomplishments of the Historical Commission had been to create and bring into awareness a statewide history community and also that no one state agency could thrive unless and until the entire history community grew and flourished.

Since its founding the Advocates for New Jersey History had sought to build awareness of public history activities in the state, to increase support for high quality, responsive and professional state and private agencies engaged in public history, to advocate for public support for historical agencies as well as public history and history education, heritage tourism and historic preservation.

Membership is open to all concerned citizens who wish to join in the effort to give New Jersey a pride in its past, to celebrate the contributions of all peoples to the development of this state and nation, to encourage the researching and writing of New Jersey history, and to stimulate support for the public and private institutions, agencies and resources engaged in public history, education and preservation.

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