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Advocates for New Jersey History

Mission Statement, Board Member Job Description and Responsibilities

Adopted 2013

Mission Statement

The Advocates for New Jersey History uphold public history as fundamental to democracy and advocate and lobby for:  sufficient funds to promote public history and preserve our historic resources; and encourage decision-making by citizens and elected officials informed by history.

How to fulfill our mission:

  • Engage a coalition of history and preservation organizations and like-minded individuals to craft short term and long term goals and strategies to foster and create public policy that advances the mission
  • Inform and strategically engage our elected leadership and decision makers at every level of government on the benefits of history and historic resources
  • Advocate for increased funding from both private and public sector sources

General Board Description:

The Board of Trustees governs the Advocates for New Jersey History (the Advocates) on behalf of the organization’s membership and the public. The Board of Trustees consists of a minimum of 12, maximum of 36 members, including the officers.  Currently the Advocates is an all-volunteer organization whose board members are integral to the success of the organization, contributing time, expertise, ideas and financial support. In addition to being responsible for the management and fiscal health of the organization.  Advocates board members are also responsible for all levels of organizational operation. Thus, each board member accepts a hands-on role in the day-to-day activities of the organization. Board involvement and activity determines the organization’s effectiveness.

Board Responsibilities
These guidelines set forth expectations for board member participation and contributions to the Advocates for New Jersey History.  Activities of board members may include, but are not limited to, the examples listed herein.

Active Participation and Task Ownership Responsibilities
Board members of the Advocates for New Jersey History are expected to:

  • Attend board meetings as set forth in the board calendar
  • Serve on at least one board committee and attend relevant committee meetings
  • Prepare and approve necessary organizational policies
  • Propose ideas and implementation plans, in accordance with the organization’s mission, to the board
  • With board approval, implement organizational activities and programs (coordinate events, draft calls to action/position papers/responses, build relationships with legislators and lobby government officials directly, promote organizational initiatives, etcetera)
  • Be knowledgeable about the organization’s mission, vision, programs/initiatives, and events
  • Work collaboratively with other board members, volunteers, consultants, etcetera
  • Donate in-kind professional services (this can take several forms, including but not limited to speaking at educational programs, leading tours, hosting special events, or donating supplies)
  • Work to ensure that the Advocates have a vocal, active presence in New Jersey’s history community

Financial and Development Responsibilities

  • Be a dues-paying member of the Advocates for New Jersey History
  • Promote membership in the organization and recruit new members
  • Cultivate donors (host a donor cultivation event, introduce the Advocates to potential donors)
  • Participate in outreach to lapsed members and undertake member and public outreach initiatives
  • Staff an Advocates table at events

Each member accepts responsibility for the organization’s health and well being, and pledges to endeavor to carry out the mission of the organization. By joining the board, all members of the board are making commitments to each other, to the organization’s membership, and to the general public; members pledge to work together, to the best of their abilities, to further the organization’s mission and goals.

We are excited to welcome you to the Board of Trustees of the Advocates for New Jersey History- thank you for joining us and supporting New Jersey history!


The Advocates for New Jersey History

Board Committee Descriptions

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of officers of the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the organization to transact the business of the organization between board meetings and keeps the board informed of its activities.

The Executive Committee drafts and implements the personnel policies of the board. It undertakes responsibilities and specific functions as needed and designated by the President.


The Finance Committee oversees the Advocates’ fiscal affairs. It develops the organization’s annual budget, monitors expenditures, and oversees an annual audit.  The committee makes recommendations to the board regarding financial assets, financial management, and investment policy.


The Governance Committee recruits and nominates candidates for the Board of Trustees and officers of the organization.  It evaluates and recommends bylaws changes, evaluates board needs, develops orientation materials for new board members, develops and offers training as needed for all board members, and plans for leadership succession.


The Development Committee sets policies, priorities, and goals for fundraising programs for the current fiscal year. It develops strategies for securing individual and corporate contributions, as well as foundation and government grants, and undertakes grant writing and application accordingly. This committee also manages annual fundraising appeals.  The Development Committee advises other committees as needed on project budgets and fees.  It works closely with the Finance Committee in preparing the Advocates’ annual budget.


The Membership Committee develops a strategy for membership outreach and retention, implementing the related priorities of the organization’s Strategic Plan. This committee manages membership structure (including pricing and incentives), oversees the organization’s communication with members, schedules and undertakes membership renewal campaigns, and is in general responsible for broadening and bolstering Membership in the Advocates for New Jersey History.


The Advocacy Committee, working with the Advocates’ lobbyist, represents the Advocates in advocacy efforts and initiatives. This committee works with the Advocates’ lobbyist to implement the priorities and goals of the Advocates’ Advocacy Platform.  It develops and implements positions, strategies, and activities to address advocacy issues.   It guides the organization’s outreach to legislators, policy makers, government officials, advocates and opponents.